Tuesday, June 24, 2008

PPBC 4: My Kid/s Love Me: Let Me Count The Ways (Sticky till June 24, 2008)

We're parents and we know how much we love our children. We try to shower them with all the advantages, we try to send them to send them to the best schools, to give them everything they need, to provide all their necessities. We hug them, we kiss them, but we also discipline them. We worry about them. We're now on the 4th edition of the Pinoy Parenting Blog Carnival and we want to know:

How do your children show you (and your spouse) that they love you?

To submit your entry, please either leave your link as a comment on this post or send me your entry to ethanmama[at]gmail[com]. Deadline is on June 24, 2008.

Guidelines to the PPBC and archives to the previous editions are here.

This post will be kept "sticky" until June 24, 2008, the deadline :).


Anonymous said...


I would like to participate. :) Blog hopping from Joey's blog.

Take care,


Angel said...

Hi Doc Joey,

Here is my entry. Hope you like it.


10 Exciting Ways my Children are showing their Love for us

theworkingmom said...

Anah, you're always welcome to join. And this is still Joey, btw, just a different blog.

Angel, I love it! Thanks for being the first to submit an entry!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joey,

Here's my entry... (happy I was not able to miss this :D )

Jen said...

Here's my entry :)

julliefer said...

habol ako!!! finally nakasali din. hehehe.

HmD said...
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HmD said...

Hi Doc,

This is my entry `:-)

or "He really loves me" at

Haze said...

hi doc joey! i hope i can still join!

i'll post my entry today.


Anonymous said...

Hi Doc Joey! Finally, an entry! Salamat nakahabol :)

Hope to be able to contribute more. Godbless!

Maver said...

nakahabol din joey :D

till next time!

Haze said...

hi doc joey! here's my entry!

PPBC # 4

i hope umabot pa ako =)

theworkingmom said...

Hi, everybody! Thanks for your posts! I'm supposed to do the roundup on June 28, so if anybody still wants to make "habol", I'll gladly accept it, as long as I'm done yet with the roundup. :)

Jan said...

hi joey,

thanks for reminding me. hope makaabot pa to.

thanks for your patience joey. appreciate it a lot!


Paul and Toni said...

di ako umabot sa deadline. sayang! :(

theworkingmom said...

ok lang Toni. You can join again next time :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Doc Joey! I was out of Internet signal for more than a week since typhoon Frank. Hay, sorry to have missed this edition. Hope to join the next one!