Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tribute To Hubby On Father's Day

I got these questions from n@w, one of my mailing lists and I just could not resist :). Anybody may snag these questions if they want to. Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there!

1. How long were you together before you got hitched?
5 years

2. What made you fall in love with hubby from the start?

I love talking with him! We share a lot of ideas. And although we may not agree on some things, we can discuss about it and not end up at each other's throat! And he makes me laugh. It doesn't hurt that I like the way he looks too!

3. What's the best gift you ever received from him?

Materially, I guess my engagement ring. I didn't expect one and actually told him not to bother with getting one and just use the extra money for our wedding budget. But he still did and I love it! Although I guess that was actually my mother-in-law's idea because she was the one who had the ring made. :)

But the BEST gift I received from him is actually his love. The small gestures that made me realize that hey, this guy really loves me. No grand gestures for him, just small everyday gestures that show how he loves me and now, our son.

4. What is hubby's best traits? Worst traits?

Best traits: When he's doing something, he is very focused on the job. He's very loving, very understanding, and in his own way, he is very sweet.
Oh, and he's very handy around the house too!

Worst traits: When he's very focused on something, he tends to forget about other stuff. This sometimes drives me crazy.

5. Is he the spoiler or the disciplinarian?

Both, I guess. Materially though, he tends to spend more for my son's toys.

6. Was there ever an instance where Daddy made one major funny booboo/moment with regards to parenting? (Yung tipong tawang tawa kayo pareho sa blooper niya.)

There were several. That includes several suddenly-peeing-in-daddy's face moments :)

7. What traits/mannerism/character did your child/children inherent from hubby?
Late to bed, late to rise. They're both night persons.

8. Let's say you and your child/children are talking about daddy, what do you want to tell your kids about their dad that they don't know?

I do not thing there's anything about Daddy that E does not know. Daddy does not really keep secrets from him :)

9. What is one thing Daddy cannot live without (materially)?

His car, maybe?

10. If hubby can read this, what's your message for him?

Dear, it's been a wonderful three and a half years of marital bliss. My life has changed for the better since you came along. I am truly looking forward to growing old with you.


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