Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tsinoy Wedding Customs -- Kwa Di Tsi

I'm inspired to do a piece on Chinese wedding traditions because my brother is getting married. Although he didn't really go through all the traditions, he was not spared from some requirements.

I do realize, though, that enumerating all of these would make a very, very long post, so I decided to focus on one tradition and just post on other traditions later.

Kwa dit tsi, literally means looking for a date. For the Chinese (including Tsinoys), this process is more complicated than usual.

The couple usually consults and expert on Chinese astrology. The expert then asks for their birthdates and time of birth and try to ascertain when the best time is for both of them. It is believed that certain days and times are auspicious for certain signs and bad for others, so a careful search is done. Sometimes the birth information from family members is also taken into consideration.

Although we didn't really have to undergo this because my husband wasn't Tsinoy, we still did because we figured that we don't really lose anything by looking for a "good date".


Jen said...

Hi Joey! Post your pictures during your brother's wedding naman. :)
We also did the kwa dit si both for the engagement and the wedding. Parang mas Chinese ang engagement for us. The wedding was catholic.

Jen said...

By the way, got a tag for you

theworkingmom said...

Hi, Jenny! I will post some pictures , once my brother gets them from the photog. Wala rin kaming unofficial pics sa family cameras, because all of us were involved in the wedding itself. My other brother is the best man, my husband accompanied our little boy during his ring bearer march :), and I was the unofficial usher.

Will do the tag :)