Saturday, August 23, 2008

Thoughts on Dating

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1. When was your first kiss and where?
Secret! :)

2. When was your first real relationship and how long did it last?
I was a late bloomer. I had my first boyfriend at 29 years old. It lasted for 5 years. Then, we got married. :)

3. What age were you allowed to date?
Dad and Mom wanted me to finish my medical studies first. So, I guess, 26?

4. What’s the craziest thing you did (for love) when you were a teenager?
I really can't remember :). I was a pretty level headed (boring!) teen!

5. How long was your longest relationship and what’s the secret?
I only had 1 relationship and that's with my husband. So far we're "us" for 9 years already. More than 5 years since we became steadies and a bit less than 4 years since we got married.

The secret? Understanding, giving each other space, constant communication and of course, love.

6. How long did you date before you decided to settle down?
5 years. But we actually talked about marriage around 2 years into the relationship. Other external factors prevented us from taking the plunge until we were on for 5 years.

7. How did you know he was the ONE?
It's not that easy to explain. It was never one big, grand gesture. It was all in the details, the small things he did that made me feel special and taken cared of. I knew he would always do those little things. :)

8. Now, at what age will you allow your kid(s) to date?
I really do not know. But I'll make sure I'll arm my kids with the necessary knowledge. I don't think "not allowing" them to date means they won't -- they'll just keep it a secret. So I guess it's better not to "not allow" them, but let them know about what to watch out for. Hopefully they'll listen.

9. When it comes to your kids dating, will you be a cool parent or a strict parent?
I think my husband will be the stricter one between the two of us, especially if we have a daughter. Like I said, I'll try to let them know all there is to know about dating and hope those lessons take root in their hearts.

10. What piece of advice can you give to your child when they start dating?
Don't be forced into anything you do not want to.