Monday, August 25, 2008

Un-Flawless :(

I used to have bad skin back when I was in medical school. It was kinda weird because my skin was relatively clear when I was a teenager when my classmates were starting to sprout pimples. When I was already in my twenties and in medical school, that was when I started having endless breakouts. Maybe it was the stress. I've already tried a lot of acne medications, probably all those that were available in the market at around that time. It took a while, but finally I no longer have any breakouts. With all the numerous products claiming to promote clearer skin, you have to find the RIGHT SOLUTION FOR YOU. We didn't have the benefit of internet research back then, you do now.


Anonymous said...

I remember, they called me baby face back then. I am not pretty but I have a very smooth face so everyone in the family call me baby face if somebody will ask how I am doing.

That change when I learned how to use Internet lol! I became nocturnal or not sleeping at all. That's bad.

Anonymous said...

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