Friday, September 19, 2008

coffee break ver. 1.36

Another interesting question from Jan:

Like Jan, I've always been a fan of MacGyver. I love the way he's always managed to extricate himself from difficult situations using his knowledge of chemistry and physics and improvising with whatever he finds. He adds new meaning to the word "resourceful"! Oh, of course, he's not the typical brawny hero. He's a geek's dream. :)

I don't know if anybody still remembers "Moonlighting"? This show introduced Bruce Willis to the world! This also resurrected the career of Cybill Shepherd. It's a mix of comedy, action and romance -- there's always a feeling of "are they, or aren't they?" between the two leads. When Maddie and David finally admitted their attraction to each other and slept together, the ratings started to decline. Oh well, I wasn't able to watch most of the episodes because of PBA. It was on the other channel and my brothers would always insist on watching it and since the 2 of them beat the one of me, they always win. :). Would probably buy the DVD if they have one.

"Remington Steele" -- I'm not sure if it's Pierce Brosnan's first big break, but it IS the first time I've seen him. It's about a female detective who finds out that clients would hesitate hiring a female, so she invents a fictitious male boss, Remington Steele. The character of Pierce Brosnan, whose real name was never revealed, assumed the identity. More on it here.

These are the American shows that were shown on Philippine TV. I actually miss the Hong Kong series on Betamax that my mom used to rent, but I don't know the English translation of the titles and I'm not sure anybody can relate :P


Jewel Allen said...

Hi! Found you through the Pinoy Blogging Carnival. I loved Remington Steele and Moonlighting, too, when I was growing up in the Philippines.

Fun blog!

Jen said...

hurray for another remington steele and moonlighting fan! remember murphy brown? :)