Monday, September 15, 2008


Leah, the host of PPBC 8th edition, posted this interesting challenge: What values or lessons in life do you want to instill in your children, and why? Please name only 3.

I think that no matter what your culture is, in my case, whether Chinese or Filipino, there are some values which are universal. My parents instilled in me the following values that I wish to pass on to my children:

1. Respect
- Respect for a Higher Being
Catholics and Christians believe in God, Muslims have Allah as the center of their faith, Buddhists uphold the teachings of Buddha. I believe it's important that we realize that there's a Force greater than us -- and that we must respect that.

- Respect for other people
Simple acts of courtesy like waiting for your turn, letting people pass, paying the proper amount in a transaction, these all show that you believe that the other people are as important as you are, and that they deserve to be treated the same way that you want to be treated.

- Respect for nature
Throwing garbage in their proper receptacles. No cutting of trees and plants. Cleaning up waterways. These all show respect for nature. Because nature deserves no less. Because if we do not respect nature, our lives would eventually be miserable.

- Respect for life
Every living thing deserves its place under the sun. Unless it's important (food, medicinal use, for example), there is no reason to kill other creatures (or humans, for that matter).

- Respect for laws, rules and people in authority
Even if sometimes (ok, a lot of times!), those in authority do not seem to worthy of respect, we do need to follow the laws and abide by the set rules because these are there in order to ensure a smooth running of the whole community.

2. Humility
Not being arrogant or prideful, because we recognize that though we may be better than other people in some aspects of life, others may be better than us in others. We are not in a contest as to who is better in what. We are all different, and we are supposed to all complement each other as to our strengths and failings.

3. Honesty
While people would sometimes say lies for not-really-evil reasons like saving face, sparing others from hurt feelings, etc, I still believe in the adage that "Honesty is still the best policy".

Yes, these are the values that my husband and I would want for our little boy, whatever he becomes, and wherever he may be. These are values passed on by both our parents, although we don't really have the same cultures. These are values which should be instilled in everybody, but which are sadly lacking in today's society.


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