Friday, October 24, 2008

PPBC 9: Birthdays!

Birthdays are always special, and Pinoys really take the time and the effort to make each birthday special, especially for our kids. It may be a simple home-style birthday celebration, a small classroom celebration on a small budget or a yearly big bash with all the works, and with great looking invites made by mommy herself!

What is a birthday celebration without food? The order of the day may be good food aplenty or just a simple birthday dish that marks the day.

Birthdays may also have another significant meaning to somebody, other than the obvious. Birthdays also prompt us parents to muse on our little child growing a year older and becoming a teenager.

Birthdays may be a sentimental celebration prompting us to remember also how we used to celebrate ours, when we used to be young ourselves. Of course, birthdays are not only for our kids, but for everyone in the family, so even if we only have one birthday a year, we'd have a lot of birthday celebrations each year!

This is the (overdue) roundup to Pinoy Parenting Blog Carnival 9th Edition: Birthdays! I would like to thank the participants (KCee, Joann, Bingskee, Angel, Mon, Thea, Maver, Jenny, Vina, Jewel, Kathycot, Tricia and of couse, myself :) ) who took the time to submit their articles about birthdays.

This is such a big topic to write about, and I just opted to make the roundup simple. Just click on the yellow links in order to read each of the great articles.

I look forward to seeing you in the next edition of the PPBC!


TGF said...

joey, this is such a great article. thanks for including me. i'm bringing the nappies to you on sat. i'm sooo sorry for the delay.

Jewel Allen said...

Thanks! This is great.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Doc joey,just want to tell you the "sentimental" link gives an error 404.

Anonymous said...

Hi Doc Joey! Thanks for adding me to the list! Till next time : )

Maver said...

such an honor to be included in the roundup. till the next time.

congrats again!