Monday, November 24, 2008

My Christmas Wish List

I have to admit I got a little stumped. All my wishes nowadays are big ticket items which I hope my husband and I want to save up for, like a house :). I don't suppose you can list THAT on a Christmas gift list! (hey, maybe I have a fairy grandmother who will read this and grant me my wish!)

So here is my Christmas wish list...

  1. CASH - To be perfectly honest, there is never a time that we don't need a little bit of extra money -- to pay the bills, to pay Ethan's tuition, to pay for my CS delivery this coming June 2009, to pay for my clinic rental, for investment purposes, and to save up for our future dream house.
  2. A scanner - We still have tons of old pictures from the pre-digital camera days. Sadly, some of the old negatives were misplaced or lost. It would be nice if we could scan them as digital files before they deteriorate with time. Pictures are so memorable and so irreplaceable. I think it's a little expensive, though...
  3. Transition tubes or Belly Belt - I still have some maternity pants from my first pregnancy, but of course I would like to stretch my wardrobe to include the pants I was using before I got pregnant, mainly because they look better. It's good that many blouses that are trendy nowadays can be used as maternity blouses because of their cut, but pants are another matter entirely. It's too expensive (and I'm too frugal...) to buy a whole new set of clothes that will just last me a few months.
  4. Pocketbooks - I've stopped buying books for quite a while already. Because of budget issues and storage issues. But I still love them. Love Sidney Sheldon, Judith MacNaught, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, John Grisham, and a whole lot more!
There isn't really a lot. I may add to this if I find something I really, really like and MUST have. But let me add, it's really the thought that counts, so I'm grateful for any gift...either for me or for my family :)
This is for my mommy in the Pinaybloggers Christmas Gift Exchange, but, hey, if you're not my mommy, don't let me stop you from giving me something. Hahahahaha!