Thursday, January 8, 2009


Most Chinese women have small breasts. That is part of the genetic make-up, just like the yellowish skin tones, the small chinky eyes, the small nose, the small stature and the slender body. Of course, there are some exceptions.

It's one of the frustrations of Chinese women and other women of a more Asian type of beauty. Beauty standards nowadays lean towards the more Caucasian type of looks. Look at beauty pageants. They invariably choose candidates who fit the more Caucasian mold. While I would agree that it's best that you just be happy and content with what you have and see the beauty in yourself whatever you look like, some Chinese women have resorted to MYA breast surgery to try to "improve" themselves and make themselves more beautiful and alluring to others. Of course, this is not limited to Chinese women, but also to other women all over the world who feel they just "lack assets". That's why you now see some Asian women who are much "bigger" than their mothers.

Cosmetic surgery is now being more acceptable. Nowadays, movie stars no longer deny that they went under the knife in order to improve their looks. And, the common, everyday person who has enough money, can actually opt to modify their looks to make himself/herself look better.

Of course, we should always remember that cosmetic surgery is still a medical procedure, and as such, is not free from risks. One should always have a medical clearance before undergoing the procedures in order to minimize (but not totally cancel out) the risks.

While I also believe that it's a free world and women (and men) could choose to undergo cosmetic surgery if they want to (and they can, health wise), I'm perfectly content with what God has given me. Breasts serve the most important function of nourishing babies, and mine have very nicely served their purpose and will again do so when I give birth this coming June.


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