Sunday, February 22, 2009

Chinese - Good in Business?

I do not know in other countries, but here in the Philippines, people are fond of categorizing the presumed skills people have based on their race.

For example, Chinese people are presumed to be good in Math and business. I guess it stems from the fact that a lot of the Chinese, especially the older migrants, engaged in some sort of business. That's because there were very few Chinese employees back then, what with the immigrants' limited education and the fact that they do not speak the language. It makes their options pretty limited, so they figured that trying out their luck in business or working at logistics jobs for other Chinese traders who have come ahead present better earning options for them so that they could send more money back home to their families.

Some of them succeeded, and they are the ones that Pinoys both admire and envy. But not all of them did, of course. There were those whose success stories are the ones being told in order to encourage more people to go into entrepreneurship instead of just waiting for available jobs.