Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Grandma's Beautiful Skin

My maternal grandmother, even when she was in her eighties, had fine, beautiful skin. She had a few fine lines, but hey, she could pass for somebody in their fifties or early sixties when in fact she was already in her eighties. That was because she took very good care of her skin, putting on moisturizers 2 times a day. I am ashamed to say that she actually had better skin than I did, even if she did have a few signs of aging.

She told me that in her time, Chinese brides usually have this facial treatment routine involving putting a special paste on the face and then threading the skin of the face. I remember seeing that procedure in some period movies and TV shows featuring beautiful women as characters. Most women, she said, only get to do that when they are about to get married. But women belonging to rich families or nobility can have it done more often.

Nowadays, brides who want to look their best undergo microdermabrasion in order to refine their skin surface. I underwent a couple of sessions, and it did make my skin look a lot better.

Well, some things never change. Like the quest for looking one's best.