Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lectures and Conventions

When we were still in med school, we used to rely on "notes" made by classmates (I was one of them, by the way) who patiently wrote down, as fast as they can, whatever the lecturer was saying and writing down. They then rewrote the notes, making them more readable and photocopied them for everybody's use. Really tedious, but it was great work. You see, most of the important stuff were in the lectures. Reading the books, while complete, takes a lot of time and the little after school time we have just don't give us the luxury of reading about all the subjects that we have to.

Now the process seems to be getting easier. If I were in the same situation, I would probably just recorded it (tried it before, but it wasn't too clear on cassette) and we would just paid somebody to do the Transcription. More time for study, less time to use up on doing the notes!

Now, we go more to conventions and sometimes we do have the same problem of trying to take down notes while the speaker tries to fit his talk in about 10 minutes. It's pretty frustrating most of the time! I ended up not taking down notes at all so that I could just listen to the speaker, and even then I don't remember everything. I think that maybe the Academy should think about having somebody transcribe the lectures and distribute them to all active members.