Monday, April 20, 2009


Most modern conveniences that we take for granted nowadays, are virtually unheard of before. Sometimes, I feel like a dinosaur when I relate to my nephews and nieces the time when there were no cellular phones and no internet. They could not really imagine life without them. What more if I tell them that our grandparents went through at least a part of their lives without electricity and running water, which we now take for granted? I mean, we could watch period movies and see that they don't have these "luxuries" yet, but I actually saw that my great grandmother's house in rural China still does not have indoor toilets (they used outhouses and urinals) nor Hansgrohe faucets (they actually draw water from a well), no refrigerators for storing food, no television, and just a few electrical bulbs (electricity had come, but was not very stable yet). And this was already in the eighties!

I've since heard that modernization had happened and my late great grandmother's house already has at least a few modern amenities that the family didn't have when we last paid a visit. We may feel lost without our cellphones and laptops, but we actually take for granted the simple but big contributions of the basic conveniences that we now enjoy.