Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sea Travel -- In Peace and In Conflict

My uncles and aunts recently brought my grandmother to a cruise. It's not one of those Caribbean cruises that are so popular nowadays but an Alaskan cruise. I didn't think that my grandmother would enjoy it, but she in fact, did! She got to visit places she would have never thought of going, saw animals that she saw for the first time in her 80 plus years, and basked in the glow of attention from her children.

I realized that when she was younger, ships and boats were strictly for transportation and not really for leisure. My grandfather came over to the Philippines on a boat when he was a teenager to look for earning opportunities in the s0 called "land of opportunity". My grandmother and my father almost missed the boat going out of China to migrate to Hong Kong, where they would later meet up with my grandfather. According to various accounts, migration out of mainland China was nearly impossible during those turbulent years.

We should be more thankful for these (relatively) peaceful times. Though, of course, danger lurks within. There are still conflicts around the world, and for as long as there are people greedy for power and money, there will never be true peace and harmony.