Thursday, April 9, 2009

We're Just Home This Holy Week

Although Orlando vacations are a lot of fun for the whole family, we've opted to just stay home during this long Holy Week break. There are several reasons for this. One, I'm pregnant and while traveling is really quite safe, we'd really just feel better if we stay put. Two, my son had some sort of viral exanthem and is still recovering from it. Three, my mom still has difficulty walking around, although she has improved a lot since her accident. Four, we need to save -- both for my Cesarean delivery this June and my son's tuition fees.

Anyway, my son and daughter (yes, it's a daughter!) would enjoy the trip more if they're a little older. That means we have more time to save up for a grand vacation in a few years' time, hopefully before we get too old! :)


Pinay MegaMom said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy Joey! Didn't even know.
Sorry for the long time since last visit.
Can't seem to access your Doc Joey site.

theworkingmom said...

Thank you, MegaMom! :)

I think there's a problem with my webhost for, was trying to email him since yesterday but I haven't gotten a reply yet. :( That's the problem with self-hosted sites. Oh well.