Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Grandma's Birthday

My grandma's birthday was yesterday. Although we're doing the "real" celebration (with dinner at her house with the whole clan) this coming Sunday, we couldn't let the day pass without at least having a simple celebration.

We all wore red (or at least tried to) when we went to their house for breakfast. 2 red candles were lit for good luck. Instead of our usual breakfast, we had special birthday noodles (misua) with hard boiled eggs (delicious!) and tea. And, of course, we went and greeted her happy birthday!

We didn't have a birthday cake yet. I guess we'll have one on Sunday. But that's okay, because for traditional Chinese families, the birthday misua is more important. It symbolizes long life. The birthday cake is a Western adaptation.

I think some Pinoys have adopted our tradition of wearing red whenever somebody celebrates a birthday. I love that color, it's so happy! And for Chinese people, it is usually associated with such happy celebrations like birthdays and weddings.

Grandma is now 87 years old. She's still very clear minded and very wise. I wish her more good years to come!