Friday, May 15, 2009

Ideal Marriage?

Father Pete admonished us during the Homily in our Nuptial Mass: "C, J was my classmate in elementary and high school. I will tell you that she is not a perfect woman. And J, C is not a perfect man. That's because wherever you look and whatever you do, there is no perfect man or perfect woman because all of us are not perfect."

I think that also applies to marriage. There is no perfect marriage. There is no couple that doesn't (secretly or not secretly) have a few peeves about each other. But there are couples who realize that marriage is always a work in progress, and by both parties.

What makes marriage close to the ideal, in our book?

  • Understanding
  • Compromise
  • Complement
  • Communication
  • Faithfulness and Loyalty.
  • Acceptance
  • Sharing
  • Individuality
  • Openness
  • Humor
  • Love
And what destroys a marriage? The opposite of what is above.

Both my husband and I try to work towards a good marriage, and so far we've been happy in it. :)

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elapot said...

ay yes doc, agree ako sa mga inenumerate mo :)

meeya said...

i agree, 100% about the not perfect thing. if everyone were perfect, where's the fun in that? :) its our imperfection that makes us different, and why despite the peeves we are uniquely loved by our asawa. :)