Friday, May 22, 2009

Not Quite Like Mom

My father loved my mom's cooking. He doesn't get to eat his meals at home often, but when he does, he usually requests that my mom prepare the meal herself. However, there are certain dishes wherein he always feels that HIS mom does it much better. Like the traditional si-but soup. He always claims that my grandmother, his mother, does it best, and however hard my mom tries to copy the recipe, she doesn't get the exact taste that my father was looking for. For us kids, however, it was just right. :)

Since I've been married myself, I've since discovered that my husband looks for qualities of his mom's cooking. No adobo or dinuguan is as good as his mom's. I believe that I do a mean adobo, but his taste is different from what I am used to. His mom's adobo is very simple, with no laurel leaf and no visible peppercorns. I haven't actually done it myself since it's quite a staple when we visit on weekends. His taste is also on the Ilokano side, when compared to mine, meaning he doesn't really like too many spices and too complex tastes. I like putting some ginger in fish and shrimps so that there would less of the fishy smell, or in my beef stew so the smell will be less gamey but he doesn't like ginger AT ALL. He also has a taste for processed meats like hotdogs, bacon and corned beef which I enjoy only once in a while. Well, I'm Tsinay, so there's bound to be differences, and I've accepted the fact that there are some things that I'll never compare to his mom. They do say that a man loves his mother the longest. Maybe I'll have the same place in my kids' heart. :)
A late entry to Wifespeaks: Foodie Wednesday. :)


meeya said...

uy i forgot about ginger! my hubby can't stand ginger din. its such a challenge tuloy to un-incorporate ginger from my standard recipes, hehe! :)