Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Our Wedding Proposals

Proposing directly to the girl you want to marry is mainly a modern Western influence. In older cultures, even in the West and especially in the East, the proposal is directed towards the parents of the bride-to-be. In modern Chinese-Filipino families, I guess it's a combination of both, the guy asking the girl to marry him, and if she accepts, the formal asking of the hand from the parents. The latter is usually seen as a formality but a momentous event.

My husband did not go through the grand gestures that are movie worthy. He did not spend a lot of money buying adspace on a large billboard along EDSA, or propose during a concert in front of a large crowd, or buy me an expensive dinner with the ring inside the dessert. But, hey, that's my man, and I wouldn't have him any other way!

He actually proposed 3 times. The first time was in a parking lot. I do not even remember the date. We were just talking seriously, then he asked me: "Would you be my wife?" No drama. No ring. Just him in all his seriousness and sincerity. I said yes.

The second time around, we were already talking about getting married, but I think we haven't settled on the date yet. We were watching "Lord of the Rings" on DVD. Of course, there was the "one ring" in the movie. When the characters were talking about the one ring, he took out the rings (engagement and wedding rings!) from a container on the coffee table, still in its resealable plastic bag, and presented them to me. I can't remember exactly what he said, something like "what about this ring?" I can't remember how I responded either! But I'll always remember the moment. It was hilarious but strangely touching...and it was different, and so HIM :).

The third time around, we had already set the date. It was the day after my birthday and exactly 5 months before our altar date. I was in the clinic. He came in the clinic with a dozen peach roses and the engagement ring, now in a velvet box. My patient, who was a female, can't help but smile :). I was surprised but happy, because it was something I actually didn't expect him to do. If you know my husband, he's not one for grand gestures, so this certainly counts as one! Of course I said yes! (hey, we already have a date!)

Oh, we did finally have a pamamanhikan 2 weeks before the big day. It's another story which is best told another day. But, yes, he did formally propose to my mother, even if it was so near our actual wedding date.

Ours is such a simple story, but something I wouldn't regret. I don't envy the grand proposal just because I know that I got what's important...a man who loves me and shows me everyday that he cares by the little stuff.

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ceztlavie said...

nice! natawa din ako sa lotr ha. kakaiba ang timing! :D

Twinkie said...

Aw! Three in a different level but very sweet times! :)

jen said...

that's how much he wants to marry you! imagine, proposing 3 times? :)

elapot said...

o diba para magpropose 3 times, ibig sabihin talagang kelangan pakasalan mo sya! :D

thanks for joining doc! bukas ulet!

d3nd3n said...

"I don't envy the grand proposal just because I know that I got what's important...a man who loves me and shows me everyday that he cares by the little stuff."

The grandest of proposal won't ever top this. :)

meeya said...

i couldn't imagine my husband going through an elaborate scheme just to propose - it's so not him. :) our proposal story is simple, too. but i wouldn't have it any other way. :)

thanks for sharing your story, joey! :)

May said...

Hehehe, LOTR was a funny twist.

I think that however your man proposes to you, the fact that he willingly gives himself to be binded to you for keeps will always be the perfect wedding proposal.