Saturday, May 9, 2009

Skin Talk

It never fails to amaze me how good my mother's skin is, compared to mine. She does not have as many trauma brought about by bad acne, which I have despite undergoing numerous acne treatments. Of course, she's older now and her skin is showing some signs of age, but she could still pass for somebody in her late forties or fifties (she's now in her early sixties). Her mother, my grandmother, also had very good skin.

If good skin were due to genetics, how come I'm not lucky enough to inherit the "good skin genes" from my mother and grandmother? Or maybe it's already something environmental and diet. They had better diet with emphasis on vegetables and cooking with little fat and oil. I grew up in an environment where fast foods were easy to come by. Pollution maybe? Stress? (Medical school was soooo stressful, and that's when most of my pimples cropped up! But then they also had their own share of stress!)

I really hope that my children will inherit better skin than me. After all, they always say that the Chinese have beautiful skin. I just never lived up to that.