Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gyms and Exercising

Back when I got pregnant with my firstborn, I immediately canceled my membership to a well known gym here. I used my pregnancy as an excuse, but I actually haven't been to the gym in quite a while, and the monthly dues are automatically charged to my credit card. It was not worth it, to say the least. The gym had a reputation for not canceling the membership immediately when you ask them to. Their policy is 3-months' notice, if I remember correctly. Fortunately, since I had my doctor's certificate with me, they agreed to cancel mine immediately. They did tell me that I'm welcome to come back anytime after I give birth so that I can exercise to get back into my prepregnancy shape. I didn't. If I couldn't find the time to go when I was single, what more when I had a child? Especially now with 2 children!

Maybe home gyms would work better for me? That's a big maybe, because my dad actually had one but I never bothered to use the equipment that he bought. What I need is a big dose of initiative to start working out. Not now, though. 1 week post CS is not exactly the right time to start an exercise program. But I do want to look and feel better in the long run.