Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The In Law Factor Foodie Quiz

For this week's Wifespeaks: Foodie Wednesday, here's an interesting Quiz...

Most questions are in Tagalog, I'll put the English translations (in yellow)....


1. Kung ang mother in law mo ay isang dish or ulam, ano siya? Pwede mo rin sabihin kung bakit, pero kung ayaw mo, okay lang. If your mother-in-law is a dish, what dish would she be. You can state the reason but it's ok if you don't.

  • Maybe RICE? I think she's the "staple" in my in-law's family. Fits well with any "ulam".

2. Ano ang madalas ihandang pagkain kapag may party sa bahay ng in laws mo? What food is usually served if there's a party at your in-laws' place?

  • barbecue
  • fruit salad
  • meat loaf
  • pasta
  • lechon (bought, not cooked)
  • seafoods (crab, prawns/shrimp etc)
  • dinuguan

3. Ano ang pinakamasarap na pagkain na nailuto ng in laws mo? What is the best tasting dish cooked by your in-laws?

  • My MIL's specialties are -- dinuguan, meat loaf and adobo

4. Anong pagkain ang nailuto mo na para sa in laws mo? What have you cooked for your in-laws?

  • I tried cooking tuna pasta once. Pero di mabenta sa in-laws ko.
  • They liked my sweet and sour pork, pero once ko lang naluto ito.
  • Just realized that I should probably cook more....

5. Meron bang dish na itinuro sa iyo ang in laws mo, either traditional family meal or paborito ng iyong asawa? Is there a dish your in-laws taught you to prepare? Either a traditional family meal or your husband's favorite dish?

  • My MIL taught me her version of adobo, which is what hubby loves most. I have yet to try it, though.

6. Mahalaga ba sa in laws mo na matuto kang magluto bago kayo nagpakasal ni Hubby? Was it important for your in-laws that you know how to cook before you and your husband got married?

  • Not really. It's an advantage but not a requirement that I know how to cook.

7. Anong eating habits ng in laws mo ang na-acquire mo na rin through the years? What eating habits have you acquired from your in-laws through the years?

  • Can't think of any...

8. Meron ka bang unforgettable kitchen moments with your in laws? Do you have any unforgettable kitchem moments with your in-laws?

  • None that I can think of. Shucks, should spend more time in the kitchen.

9. Binibigyan ka ba ng cooking tips ng in laws mo? Ano-ano ito? Did your in-laws give you any cooking tips? What are these?

  • Sorry, really can't think of any....

10. Ano ang paboritong pagkain ng father in law mo? What is your father-in-law's favorite dish?

  • No idea. My father-in-law passed away before I got to know my husband.

11. Mahilig ba sa desserts ang in laws mo? If yes, anong hilig nila? Are your in-laws fond of desserts? If yes, what are their faves?

  • Yes, if it's Fruit salad by MIL!
  • Cathedral windows from Goldilocks is another one they love
  • Not so much with cakes and pastries, but they do eat in moderation (so no need to look for the best diet pill!)

12. Pagdating naman sa inuman after meals, “Go” ba sila or “No”? When it comes to drinking after meals, are they in favor (Go) or not in favor (No) of it?

  • On special occasions, "Go" but in moderation. You're talking about alcohol, right? :P

13. Saan madalas mag-dine out for family dinners ang in laws mo? What restos/eating places do your in-laws go for family dinners?

  • They don't really dine out much, they prefer to just eat in MIL's house. But they like Chinese food, the Saisaki-Dad's-Kamayan buffet, Max's...

14. Mahilig ba sila sa exotic food? If yes, ano-ano ito? Do they like exotic food? If so, what in particular?

  • Depends on your definition of exotic food, actually since I'm Tsinay, some of the food I like are considered exotic pala, while I find some of their food exotic din (they're Ilokano). But they're adventurous enough to try some food that I know other people won't. Sorry di ko lang maisip for now.

15. Lastly, masasabi mo bang bonding moments are “food moments” mo with your in laws? Can you say that food moments with your in-laws are bonding moments?

  • Yes!


happily_married said...

buti ka pa may cooking lesson with MIL..