Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sung Dynasty Village

When I went to Hong Kong with my parents back in the late seventies, we went to this tourist attraction called the Sung Dynasty Village. The Sung Dynasty from around 976 AD through 1279 AD and the village is a recreation of a typical town during this age. You'll find people in period costumes going about their business as if it actually were a thousand years ago.

They have tea houses, temples a traditional Chinese opera and a wedding! Oh, you are given old fashioned coins like those used in that period and you can actually use them to buy food at the tea house! These are the ones with the hole in the middle so you can string them up. Of course, these were not genuine antiques and have no value outside the Sung Dynasty Village, but they do make for great souvenirs. It would have been great if those coins have real value and would appreciate over time if you keep them, but I'd stand a better chance of getting such coins from coin dealers like Monaco Rare Coin, where you can find various rare coins for investment or for your personal collection.

I would have loved to go there again on our honeymoon, but I couldn't find it any of the guidebooks, so I thought that the place was probably gone. Lo and behold, it wasn't! The next time I go to Hong Kong, I'll be sure to check it out!