Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What If I Won The Lottery?

I don't know if it's common to both cultures (Pinoy and Chinese), but here in the Philippines it's definitely a bad idea to let the whole world know that you've gotten a windfall, like winning the lottery jackpot. So the first thing I'm going to do if I won the lotto is to KEEP QUIET! Hahaha! I don't want to have instant relatives and friends who I never saw before in my life show up at my doorstep for balato (I think it roughly means their share of your blessings). It may sound selfish and cynical, but I've seen too many people who treat "richer" relatives and friends as an instant source of funds for their various wants and needs.

What I will do when I win the lotto, aside from keeping quiet:

  1. Buy a house and lot. It doesn't have to be a very big and opulous one, but one just right for our needs. What's important for me is the location. It has to be in a safe and secure environment, close to our children's school and our work, if possible.
  2. Invest. Buy stocks, bonds, mutual funds -- whatever is feasible at the moment -- at regular intervals. Maybe buy a Jollibee franchise. Put some money in time deposits in different banks (but only up to Php500,000 per account so it will still be covered by PDIC). Buy lots if there are some available.
  3. Set up trust funds and endowment funds for my kids.
  4. Secure my kid's education. Maybe get an educational plan for each of them.
  5. Travel.
  6. Share my blessings. With less fortunate relatives, friends and other people. But again, QUIETLY and discreetly. No need to broadcast the good things you do.
  7. Maintain almost the same lifestyle, and NOT spoil my kids with material things they do not need.
  8. Continue to work as an ophthalmologist. I love my work. I find satisfaction in it. It's a calling and a passion, and it makes me who I am. If I had lots of money though, work is simply fulfilling my passion and not just a way for me to make money.

This is my contribution to Wifespeaks: Chika Tuesday


JO said...

Here in Canada, if you won the lottery, they have the right to advertise it! So everybody will know... that is, if they read about it.


theworkingmom said...

I realize that. :) Buti nalang dito hindi. :)

Years back, I won a small amount in an online lottery (it was legit coz I actually got the money wired to my bank). They asked me to send a picture and a testimonial to them, which I did. I did see my picture in the website maybe once. Of course, it was just a minor prize. The winner of the 1 million dollar prize was featured much more prominently and longer. You can only hope that nobody you know would surf to that site and see you.