Saturday, July 4, 2009

Herbs After Giving Birth

The traditional ge-lai is practiced by most traditional Chinese families. This is the one month period following the child's birth in which the mother is pampered in order for her to regain her strength. Care is taken that she does not become too tired. Traditional Chinese Medicine also suggests several herbs and suitable food for her to take, many of which are supposed to strengthen her, make her uterus recover and supplement her with iron she lost during the childbirth.

In cases of Cesarean deliveries, fresh (live, if possible) lapu-lapu (grouper) soup is also given, in the belief that it would make wounds heal faster. It's also believed to be a good galactogogue (increases breastmilk). Since it's a natural and nutritious food and I lose nothing, I have nothing against it. It's actually delicious. :)

Since I'm breastfeeding though, I do ask my mom to provide me with the list of herbs traditionally used and try to research on them. No ginseng nor dong quay for now, since they are contraindicated in both pregnancy and breastfeeding. No Phenphedrine either. This is simply not the time to be indiscriminate about things I take, even if I am a bit concerned about my excess post baby weight.