Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ideal Vacation Is With My Family!

Would you believe that my 86 year old grandmother actually went and enjoyed a few days on the sea via a cruise? I'm not really sure where it is, but she actually enjoyed herself. Honestly, I didn't think that a cruise was her idea of a good vacation, but she enjoyed both the luxury liner and the stops that they had. It also helped that her children (my uncles and aunts) were with her during that vacation.

It made me think that maybe a Caribbean cruise might just be a great way for my husband and I to spend some romantic days together. The last time that we had been on a trip alone together was in Hong Kong. It was fun and memorable, although quite short, and you gotta admit, it's not the most romantic place in the world. What made it romantic was the fact that we were together, and we were newlyweds!

I believe that the sea, the luxurious boat and the exotic places that we will get to see will be a romantic way for us to spend, hmmm, maybe our tenth anniversary? Or maybe we can bring the kids and enjoy the cruise as a family. As long as my husband and my kids are with me, it will be a great, great vacation for me!