Saturday, July 11, 2009

Handbag Business?

If you're like a lot of women who go gaga over bags and shoes and want to make a business out of it, there's a new site which features wholesale handbags . What's different about their products over other handbags you usually see is the unique, quirky, western designs, some with rhinestones and other decors. I mean, how many sites do you know feature wholesale western flip flops and wholesale western handbags ? I know that these are not available here in the Philippines (or perhaps I just don't know about them?).

The fact is that when you're doing business, you should consider the following:
1. Saleable items -- things that would attract buyers because of the goods, quality and price
2. Your own interest -- it's hard to do a business if you're not interested in your own goods
3. Uniqueness -- if you have too many competitors, it's more difficult. It's easier if you have a bit of monopoly or not too many competitors.

If only for the number of women who are so into these stuff, wholesale handbags seem to be a great place to source out items for a good business, especially if you yourself are into them.