Friday, August 14, 2009

Still On Vacations...

I just realized that our family could also enjoy Vegas vacations! I remember that we first went to Las Vegas back in 1991, then later with my mom in 1998 (after a convention in New Orleans, but that's another story). Of course, Las Vegas is known best for legalized gambling, thus a lot of people go there to try their luck in getting rich as quick as possible.

But Las Vegas also has these wonderful hotels. You can actually watch some great "shows" for free. I especially loved the show on Treasure Island (there are 2 versions) and the water dance at the Bellagio. Even walking through the hotels is a fun experience in itself. I know there are more hotels now, each with its own unique attraction.

And of course, there are the shows! Las Vegas would not be Las Vegas without the girly shows, but there are actually family-friendly and kid-friendly show like the magic by David Copperfield which we watched way back in 1991 (don't know if anybody remembers him, but he used to be so famous).

I'm sure I'd have fun again here. Also, it's not so far away from Los Angeles, where we can find Disneyland, Universal Studios and those other theme parks that children and children-at-heart would love to return to again and again.