Monday, August 17, 2009

Technology Brings Families Virtually Together

For example, my grandfathers both came to the Philippines to earn money while their families were still in China. All communications were by mail, whether personal mail or sending money. Of course, that takes time so for the times in between letters, there was virtually no news of your loved one, what he's doing, if he's healthy, if he's eating well, etc.

When my father had to go the USA to work, there was already the telephone and we could communicate via long distance. But since long distance calls are expensive, these are short and often reserved either for special occasions or for emergencies. But at least, my dad was just a (long distance) phone call away.

Now, there are cellphones and computers. You can text for much much cheaper than before. Long distance rates are going down. If you want it cheaper, and even "see" your loved one, you can chat via your laptop computer with your webcam on, and carry on a conversation with your loved one. It still does not replace being together, but at least you get to "see" and talk to each other in real time. :)


Unknown said...

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earthlingorgeous said...

I agree kaya nga sinasabi mas maliit na ang mundo ngayon.