Friday, August 7, 2009

Tsinoys = Businessmen

People usually associate Chinese immigrants as negosyante (businessmen or traders). That's because many Chinese who came over to seek their fortunes are from poor families from farming communities who may not have college education, have limited command of English and Tagalog, and do not have the know-how for more technical work. Also, during the post-war period, there was little work to be found, so they are forced to be enterprising, as families back home in China were counting on their financial support.

It is only in the later years that we find more and more Tsinoys and Tsinays in the health and professional fields, mainly second, third or forth generation Tsinoys/Tsinays with better command of Tagalog and English than their parents and grandparents. Sadly, however, with the downspiraling of the economy, we find less of highly trained individuals in their chosen fields but instead being forced to be employed in fields that they may not be trained for or interested in. This is not limited to Tsinoys and Tsinays, though, but to the population as a whole. The good news is that with the boom of the call center services in the recent years, there have been a rise in demand in call center agents. However, whether or not this trend will be continuing in the next few years will have to be seen. More and more, Tsinoys and Tsinays are returning to what their grandparents and parents have been doing and excelling at -- being business people and entrepreneurs.