Saturday, September 5, 2009

Me In Business

I don't know if this is what you call going back to one's roots. Most of my family are entrepreneurs. I guess that's what Chinese people here in the Philippines are known for -- being business minded. It is only in the recent years and with the younger generation that you see more and more Chinese in the other fields and professions. Like me, for example, I went into medicine. But both my brothers are involved in business.

However, I realize that my profession demands a lot of my time and effort in order for me to earn as much as I'd like. Since there is only a finite number of hours in a day, there is a limit to how much I can earn. More so because some patients are TY patients or charity cases, and of course, you cannot really predict how many patients you can and will see on a certain day.

So to supplement my income, I do online work. I blog and I run a small online store, . I realize that this means that I am actually eating the words I've said to my grandfather that I am NOT going into business, but really, this is the more practical thing to do. At least an online business is more flexible than a brick and mortar one. I do need to submit my sites (e-store and blogs) to different web directories so that it gets more exposure though. It's way different from traditional businesses, but at least I get to earn something on the side, even while doing my practice.


Gerry said...

You're an admirable person.