Monday, September 28, 2009

The Worst Flood I've Encountered In My Life

My brother is using my grandparents' old house as an office. It's beside the building which we used as our abode for the first 24 years of my life.

My grandparents' house and its adjoining building has gone through numerous floods through the years, since its location is very flood prone. That's why one of my grandparents' (and later, my parents') criteria for choosing a new house is that it should not be flood prone. They got tired of having to moving stuff upstairs every rainy season so that the floods would not reach their belongings.

But in all the 24 years that we have lived there, we have never encountered flooding to this extent. My grandparents' house usually gets flooded before the streets, but I have never heard that the floodwaters reach the second floor before. This time, they did, up to the second floor where the bedrooms and the walk in bath are. Our former home, which is even higher than my grandparents' house, also had floodwaters reach the second floor. It never did, when we lived there. We never had to move stuff to the third floor before. We only had to move the cars to higher ground. Thank goodness there was still a third floor where our relatives can go up to.

As for my in-laws, waters reached the second level of their split level house. They have never encountered this situation wherein they had to actually go up to the roof. My mother-in-law and my sister-in-law spent the whole of Saturday night and Sunday morning on the roof. No rescue in sight. Thankfully, the floodwaters no longer reached them at this point. My husband and brothers-in-law were able to go there on Sunday afternoon. They returned today for cleanup. There are a lot of things lost. But at least they are finally safe. That is the most important thing for us.