Friday, October 30, 2009

Dental Work Ongoing

There was an old saying: "For every child a tooth" which probably means that a pregnant woman would most likely lose a tooth due to decay. Supposedly that means that the tooth becomes weaker because the body leaches calcium because of increased needs. (That's why we're supposed to drink milk when we're pregnant -- because we need the additional calcium. I have found a better alternative though...but I'm still doing further research.) I refused to believe it. However, imagine my surprise when the day before I was due to give birth via Cesarean section, I felt a cavity in one of my molars. The day before my CS! What was I supposed to do about it? At that moment, nothing. I had other, more pressing matters -- namely, my baby -- so my tooth was not my immediate concern.

Fast forward to almost 4 months later, my tooth was constantly having some sort of dull ache. Bearable, yes, but I know it should not be there. I finally went to my dentist who noticed that my impacted side lying wisdom tooth had eroded into the neighboring molar. I needed to have both surgery to remove the impacted wisdom tooth and a root canal for the decayed molar. Quite a lot of dental work that will take definitely take more than 1 session and would need the expertise akin to those of Plano dentists. She brought in a dentist who specializes in dental surgery and we had the surgery done. For the first day, I had ice cream for lunch and cooled lugao for dinner. The next few days, I had regular meals but the side of my face swelled. Yesterday, my dentist finally removed the stitches.

I'll be going back to the dentist for root canal next week. I am endeavoring to preserve my teeth for as long as possible, because I do not want to have to use dentures. I hope most of my teeth will still survive for the rest of my life.