Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Don't Sell What You Win

I don't know if it's a Chinese or a Pinoy pamahiin (traditional belief), but there was a belief that anything you won, you should not sell. It's okay, I guess, because you MIGHT need what you won. But what if you win more than enough of the same item?

Over the past decade, we've been exceptionally lucky as far as televisions were concerned. I mean, our family would go to raffles and if there's a TV set as one of the prizes, we'd surely get it. As a result, we have more than enough TVs at home. Which is ridiculous because we don't get to use them all. We used to kid around that we should probably not join raffles with TVs as prizes, since we don't get the other prizes anyway.

But that was years ago already. Our luck with TVs seem to have run out. We are stuck with analog model TVs which are supposed to be going to be passe in the next few years. Why, oh why does our "TV luck" run out now that we're in the age of large, flat, thin screen, high definition TVs with plasma mounts? LOL. NOW we'd love to have one of those!