Saturday, October 17, 2009

Gold Coins From Dad

My dad used to go frequently to Hong Kong for business. In fact, he had an office there and a small studio flat (where we also stay when we go for vacations).

When we were younger, he often bought toys for us. That was when there was a dearth of good quality toys, maybe because of Martial Law. If you wanted, for example, a nice walking doll, it would be difficult to find it here, not to mention expensive. It was much cheaper there in Hong Kong. That's why most of our toys then were from Hong Kong. We usually get extra special toys for our birthdays.

Later, when we outgrew toys, dad thought of other stuff. On different occasions, he got an electric guitar for my brother, a pair of binoculars, a shoulder bag for me, stuffed toys etc. Then one time he decided that it would be a good idea to give us gold coins. It was something that we could keep as investments and sell when we need it later on, with the value most likely appreciating over time. At that time, that was quite a new idea and there were not many coin dealers so he bought it from banks. I think he hit upon a very good idea. Most of our toys are already gone, but we still have our gold coins. We could sell those if we need to. Good, "portable" investment and easy to transfer and to give. Great idea, Dad!

I think I'd like to continue the tradition he started, giving my kids gold coins for their birthdays when they are old enough. Of course, I would buy from reputable dealers. I've heard that Monaco Gold Coin is a good one, deals with both buying and selling AND is available online.