Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mid-Autumn Festival 2009

This year's Mid-Autumn Festival (aka the Mooncake Festival) is supposed to be the first for Baby R. It was, however, relatively a sad one.

Firstly, because my grandmother is not around. We are used to having the dice game in her house, with all my paternal uncles and aunts and cousins. We usually have dinner first, then the game later. Aside from the usual prizes of varying sized "mooncakes" (or hopia, if on a budget), there are some money to be had when you win prizes. That certainly ups the excitement level. Sadly, none of that yet. Maybe when grandma comes come.

Secondly, it was the week after Ondoy (Ketsana) wreaked havoc over Metro Manila and caused flooding in 80 percent of the city. One of the hardest hit cities is Marikina, where my in-laws are. My husband has been going there almost everyday since the floodwaters receded, and as expected, he was sad and depressed about the state of his home. Fortunately, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law were able to survive the flood by going to the roof. Still, it is very sad to see the home you built and the things you've accumulated through the years destroyed by a few hours of heavy downpour.

Thirdly, my children were sick. E had a four day fever prior to "the day" and still has the sniffles. My 3 month old R is starting to have a low grade fever and I was getting a bit worried about her.

Nevertheless, my mother wanted a small celebration, even if it's just the few of us (my mom, my 2 brothers and my sister-in-law, me and my husband and 2 kids) rather than the whole clan. She also decided to let the hired help join in this year's game. For some reason, though, we couldn't find any "play sets" (sets of different sized mooncakes for the different prizes plus a set of six dice). This didn't deter her, she simply asked my SIL to buy grocery items in lieu of the mooncakes (this might be a good thing though, as some of us get too much sugar as it is...this way there's less need of diet pills).

However, when we were about to start the game, we noticed that R was a bit hotter than usual. A temperature check showed that she was 38.8 degrees Celsius. I gave her Paracetamol and stayed with her. We didn't go downstairs anymore. The boys (my husband and son) subbed for us in the dice game.

It was a pretty fast game! It lasted less than 40 minutes, I guess. Before I knew it, my husband was lugging our grocery prizes. It seemed that Baby R actually won the first prize not just once but twice! But she was overshadowed by 2 of our hired help, and finally won by her nanny. :)

I'm hoping that we'll have another one with the clan, but I really do not know if we'll get one this year. Well, I hope next year's celebration will be much better than this year's.