Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Grandparents' Cars

I remember that my grandparents had quite an odd assortment of vehicles throughout the years. They had a 60's model car when I was small. I don't know the make but I remember details like the gear shift being just behind the steering wheel, and the front seat being one whole seat, like a sofa which could seat three.

Later on, they had a utility vehicle. The make escapes me at the moment but if I recall it right, it's a locally assembled vehicle. If I remember correctly, it didn't have any aircon.

Then came the Lancer. My grandfather actually won it in some raffle. I don't know if he would have gone out and bought a new vehicle if he hadn't won in that raffle.

When Toyota came back to the Philippines, my grandparents bought a Toyota Corolla, the XL type (entry level).

I guess my grandparents are okay with any vehicle, as long as it works and takes them where they want to go. Pretty simple tastes. No fancy lambo doors or any modifications whatsoever that would cost additional.

I guess I am too. I would go for a vehicle that would serve my needs and would not cost too much and call too much attention. No fancy vehicles for me. Just a plain, reliable car would do.