Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Beginning Of Our Honeymoon Journey

I can't believe how time flies! It's been 5 years (and a few days) since my husband and I said our "I do"'s. That day was a really emotional one. I never thought that I would cry at my own wedding (too emotional I guess). But I was definitely, definitely happy, deliriously so, on that very special day.

We didn't go on our honeymoon trip until a week after. What happened? First, we didn't get ANY hotel bookings in Bohol, our first choice for our honeymoon. Well, there were some rooms available, but the ones available are way out of our budget. We adopted a "bahala na" (come what may) attitude and just concentrated on the wedding preps. We decided that maybe we can work on it after the wedding itself. 1 day after the wedding, still no accommodations. 2 days after the wedding, still no accommodations.

My mom was already saying, "Why didn't you just book a trip abroad? Like Hong Kong?" We realized that, hey, that IS an option. Problem is, my husband didn't have a passport yet at that time. We had to go to the Department of Foreign Affairs to have his passport rushed before even buying the airline tickets.

Our wedding was on a Saturday. Monday, the first working day after the wedding was the mandatory "going back to the bride's house day". My mom didn't allow us to go out that day. It was only on Tuesday that we were finally able to try to work for the passport. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, we were only able to go out in the late afternoon.

On UN Avenue, our car suddenly stalled. As in slowed down and didn't move at all. Needless to say, we weren't able to make it to DFA that day. We called Wheeler's Club for towing. They are a big towing company and since my husband was a member, towing was free, but we had to wait for several hours. The truck they sent was big. They didn't actually tow the car but "carried" it -- which was way better, in my opinion. (I wonder if they have larger tow trucks for big vehicles, like truck and motorhome towing?) We went all the way back home to Marikina. It turned out that the clutch cable of my husband's car broke. It was quite an easy fix. The next day, we were able to go back to DFA to have hubby's passport processed. It was a good thing that rush processing only took 3 days. (You don't get that nowadays.) That was a Wednesday and hubby was told to come back Friday, 2:30pm to 5 pm. He was also warned that he has to be around when his name was called or he won't get his passport.

We went back Friday, 2pm (we were so afraid we'd miss the call). He got his passport past 5pm. The DFA had an inefficient way of distributing passports. They simply got a stack of passports and called out the names of the owners. My husband, unfortunately, was called at around 5pm already. Which meant that we won't be able to go to the travel agency to buy our tickets.

We were able to buy our tickets the next day, Saturday morning. Tickets were for Sunday morning, first flight. Unfortunately, we were not able to book a hotel but the travel agent gave us a couple of calling cards for pension houses for Hong Kong. That night, I called long distance and was able to book a room for us.

So the next day, Sunday, we were off to the first trip we had as a couple!


Unknown said...

Hay grabe, ka-stress ang ganyang mga eksena...Buti nga cool pa rin kayo ni Hubby kasi if that's the case samin, naku di na matutuloy dahil mainipin at ayaw ng asawa ko ang mga ganyang hassles...hehehe

theworkingmom said...

Ang malupit dyan, 3 days 2 nights lang ang honeymoon namin!!! hahaha! Will post this one next!

Miss Ivy Nicanor said...

hassle-ness... ako nga wala pang asawa, planning the trip to caramoan is a big hassle-ness to moi! friends pa lang kasama ko jan ha, what more kung may asawa na ko. ;p