Thursday, November 5, 2009


Last November 2, we went to the temple to burn incense for our dearly departed. What made me especially sad were the pictures of my young cousins who died in the great Tsunami that struck Phuket, Thailand on December 26, 2004. They were enjoying the Christmas break together with the whole family. The initial plan was to visit Bangkok, but somehow they decided to make a side trip to the famed beaches of Phuket.

The day the tsunami struck, the day started out bright and sunny. There was no hint of any pending disaster, no hint that a family vacation would turn into a travel emergency, and later a tragedy.

When we first heard about the tsunami, I didn't even know that my uncle, aunt, cousins and some of their relatives were in Thailand. A cousin called up frantic with worry because she knew that my uncle had plans of bringing the family to Bangkok. We were hoping that they WERE in Bangkok. Nobody knew that they actually made a side trip. I became frantic when I couldn't contact any of them on their cell phones, but tried assuring myself that maybe because of the disaster, there was a problem with the connection.

We were hoping against hope, but the reality of the horror struck us the next day when my cousins' aunt, their mom's sister called up to inform us about the tragedy...

It's been almost 5 years. And I'm still mourning for them.