Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Thinking of Angkong

Migration -- new place, new people, new environment, new job. I wonder what my grandparents felt when they decided to finally bring my dad here to the Philippines. My grandfather was already working in the Philippines for several years by then. He started as a teenager, sent alone to the Philippines to literally look for money to send back to his family. He spoke neither English nor Tagalog. No promise of work (no Executive Job Search for him, he did not have the required education), but work could be had if you were willing to try anything. He went back to China to get married, but basically stayed in the Philippines, trying all sorts of work until he found the business of trading. He tried out different types of products before he really became successful. He persevered until his business grew and he was able to have his family brought to the Philippines. THEN he became an executive--of his own company. He had his family brought over, bought lots, built his house, his office/factory, and became VERY active in the Tsinoy community.

I wonder if I could be as brave as he was. I would probably be like most people -- try to secure a job first before setting out. I guess it's easier now to look for work even before you go to another place. But then, you still need a lot of courage in order to face everything that's new.