Friday, December 4, 2009

The Art of Regifting

When I was younger, I was more idealistic and would never think of recycling gifts. But that was then. Now, I'm a bit more practical and do recycle gifts, especially if it's something I don't need or want and just takes up space in the closet. Or sometimes there's a duplication of gifts. For example, we just need one water softener, a second one would just take up space and be virtually useless. Or a blouse might be in the wrong size (especially when it was bought in a bazaar where it's difficult to exchange) and would fit somebody else better. You know, things like that.

I believe, though, that there must be some finesse in doing gift recycling, or regifting. These are my tips:

  1. Always remember who gave the gift. You may stick on the tag for easy reference later. It's embarrassing if you end up giving the gift back to the person who gave it.
  2. If it's a food gift, check the expiration date and give it out as soon as possible. Do not give out expired food!
  3. Check the packaging. Make sure the gift still looks presentable. Change the box if it has yellowed (shudder) or do not give it out at all. Change the gift wrap!
  4. Do not give monogrammed items, items with a personal messages inside, promotional gift items!
  5. Be sure that the gift will be appreciated by the person you plan to give it to, even if it were a recycled gift. Give some thought to who to give it to.
  6. Do not give used gifts! Partially used up perfumes, lotions and the like are not in good taste at all.
  7. Be quiet about the gift being a regifted one.
  8. If you are the recipient of what you suspect is a recycled gift, smile and graciously accept it! It's still a gift. The giver might have thought that you may have more use for it!
Do YOU practice regifting? Any more tips that you care to share?