Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"Hi-Tech" Games

Technology has come a long, long way in my lifetime. Let's take games. I remember that my uncle used to have the Atari, which was considered a state of the art game back in the seventies. We didn't have any of those since it was apparently expensive and difficult to acquire, so we were very happy when my uncle got tired of it and decided to give it to us. If you look at it now, it's so simple. The Tennis game does not look like a tennis game at all. A small square is the "ball" and rectangles are the "rackets". I guess kids nowadays would laugh at it!

Later, my father would buy us "game and watch" by nintendo. It was the in game in the late seventies to early eighties. It was his usual pasalubong (gift) whenever he went to Hong Kong. It was much better than the Atari. It's still a far cry from today's Wii and wii accessories, but during those days, they were considered hi tech!

Lest we forget, there were the arcade games like Pacman and Mario Brothers, available in game arcades in places like Virra Mall. They are also available for computers -- in those days computer monitors were all in green. Then there's the Nintendo Family Computer, then the Game Boy, then Sony Playstation, PSP, then the XBox, then the Nintendo Wii.

Electronic games have come a long, long way, indeed.