Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mom Gifts?

There's a joke (that's half meant, I believe) that men give their wives or mothers gifts that, while the women in their lives appreciate, are ultimately for the benefit of the whole family. You see, men give their mothers things like a microwave oven or a blender or a toaster or a washing machine. While these gifts may make the life of a busy homemaker much easier, still it feels like a gift that would benefit the whole family and not just the recipient herself! You see, the washing machine is to make washing clothes easier, but whose clothes? The family! It's not like the techie stuff that men often get that are all about them only, for their pleasure and not for anybody else.

What people don't seem to remember is that it's actually easier to buy gifts for her. Well, for me, actually! I find it more difficult to shop for gifts for men. I mean, there are so many things women would appreciate, and a lot at prices that are quite inexpensive. Bags, perfumes, clothes, makeup, jewelry -- the possibilities are endless and are limited only by your imagination and your budget! Of course, a microwave oven is still appreciated, but if it's given by the husband or son, it just feels like mommy's being given something that is actually for the whole family! Do give her something that she can appreciate!


janis said...

agree agree! mahirap regaluhan ang mga lalaki hihihi!