Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tsinoy Wedding Invites

If you've gotten wedding invitations from Tsinoys/Tsinays like me, chances are, you'd notice that aside from the main invite and the entourage list, you'd also find another card or another page that's written in Chinese. This is actually the main invite in Chinese form. Some Tsinoys opt not to include this part, because of budget constraints or maybe because they think it's repetitive and no longer relevant, since most people just look at the English language main invite.

I have opted to still include this because this makes gives character to the invite. My then-fiancee agreed because...well, maybe he didn't really have any choice? LOL. Ours was the usual beige invite but with that extra sheet. I felt that not only does that extra page add a touch of culture to our invites, but it served the purpose of informing the older Chinese among our guests about our wedding. Believe it or not, some of them are still not as good in English as they are in Chinese.

Other Tsinoy couples go even further with tradition, opting for the red invitations with gold press lettering, which is the traditional look for wedding invitations.


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