Sunday, January 31, 2010

Until They Conk Out!

I am not a person who switches to a something new just because it's there. I usually use something until it no longer works or it's obsolete, whichever comes first.

Case in point are my cellphones. Just to give you an idea, the oldest video and photo stored in the micro sd card of my cellular phone (aside from the sample ones built in, of course) are my son's video and pictures, the oldest of which was when he was about 5 months old. He's now more than 4 years old! And that's just my "newer" cellular phone. I have an older one which I still use up to now. I do not even know if batteries and other accessories are still available for that one, but since it's still running and working, I'm still using it.

I'm still pretty happy with them, though. They serve my purposes beautifully. I don't find the need for more apps anyway. And I'm too lazy to keep on moving my phonebook and other files. But if they do become obsolete or conk out, I'll get a newer model to try to keep up.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Cars In Floods

After the deluge that was Ondoy, I hurriedly looked at our current car insurance plans. Unfortunately, "acts of God" such as flood isn't covered. Fortunately, my husband's car and my car were not submerged in floodwaters at all. But they could have been, if we had just happened to be in Marikina at that time. So should we consider getting a new auto insurance quote? Even if we want to, I think a lot of insurance companies are now excluding the "acts of God" clause in their coverage. Or they would jack up their prices if such a clause was included.

That sucks, but I guess they did lose a lot when Ondoy happened. Just imagine the number of vehicles which were caught in the floods! That is certainly NOT a good day for insurance companies, but an even worse day for the victims.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thinking Of A Store

I'm seriously thinking of going into business. While I love being a doctor, I realize that it would be better if I do have an alternative source of income. Earning from my profession is pretty unpredictable. And of course, it depends upon my physical presence--meaning if I get sick or need to be absent, bye-bye income.

I need something that runs and earns money from me even if I have to take a short break.

My brother and I are thinking of having a store. I'm thinking that it might be an extension of my online business. Or vice versa. We have a place in mind and suppliers in mind. We have to signify our intention for the place though. Then try to make everything nice and ready, like putting in shelves, fitting areas, hanger bars (is that what they're called?), clamps or whatever it needs.

Sounds daunting. Oh well, we're definitely keeping our fingers crossed.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Allergies In The Family

My mother has been having a dry type of cough for years already. She was told that she had an allergic type of cough, for which she takes medications to control it. The thing is, the medications are there to minimize symptoms, but it's best if we could look for the trigger. I wonder if it's the pollution that we have, or something else in the environment? I think it's something in the Manila air, because, curiously enough, her symptoms seem to improve when she goes out of the country! Maybe the allergen is found here? I'm not sure if she will benefit from allergy beddings but maybe she should also give it a try.

My little boy also seemed to suffer from bouts of cough even when he did not have colds. His pediatrician reminded us that he used to have cow's milk allergy, so it's very possible that his immune system is hyperactive, meaning he may also have some sort of allergy. I'm trying something out, though, and it seems to be working for him. Keeping my fingers crossed.

For my baby girl, I'm entertaining the thought. I saw scratch marks on her face a few times from her vigorous scratching (we've cut her nails already, mind you) so we think she might be having some itch. I hope it's just temporary. We just changed the beddings. I'm switching to a hypoallergenic soap tomorrow. We hope it works for her.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tsinay On The Net

If you had told my grandfather that I would be having a sideline of sorts online, he would have shaken his head in disbelief. Come to think of it, my dad might have a similar reaction. Of course, personal computers weren't around during my grandfather's time. Heck, he used the abacus for complex mathematical equations! (I wished I listened more when he was attempting to teach me how to use it.)

As for my dad, he did attempt to modernize his office by having desktop computers and printers. He didn't really learn how to use the internet though, even if we did get a dial up connection then. Of course, internet then was much slower, although at the time we were already quite ahead in the game. We could afford to sacrifice one phone line at home since we had more than one phone. However, business correspondence via email was not a usual practice then. Email was limited to personal mail. Business contacts were established via phone calls and fax.

That's why things like online stores, blogs, web directory and social networking, while common and widespread today, would virtually be unknown back then.

The internet has truly changed the world in a major way.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Are You Pregnant?

While I felt I generally looked good in the gown I wore to my brother-in-law's wedding, the fact that I still looked pregnant is oftentimes humiliating. I wish people would not ask "Are you pregnant?" and just wait for me to hint at it because it is a bit embarrassing to say, "No, I'm not, I just gave birth". Oh well, that's the Pinoy (and Tsinoy as well) characteristic. I'm not sure about other cultures but ours certainly are a bit blunt in that respect...and I guess, excited to hear about a possible new little one.

While I'm not desperate enough to research on diet systems and nutrisystem reviews, I do feel that I should at least take some time to exercise my tummy. My brother did teach me the bicycle crunch, but I still haven't gotten around to starting it. Oh well, maybe tomorrow...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Baby Flower Girl Today

Today is my daughter's debut in being a flower girl! The inner stagemom in me really wanted her to be one (before everybody in the family gets married and she won't get a chance, haha) but since she's less than seven months old, I really would have understood if it was not to be.

Fortunately for me, my brother-in-law and his fiancee decided to officially make her a flower girl! Her name is on the invitation! Oh, the small joys.

Because she is not walking yet, it's kinda obvious that I'd have to push her in her stroller or carry her down the aisle. Which means that I have to have a new dress. As I wrote down in my previous post, I needed a dress that looks formal, has openings for nursing and would hide my post pregnancy belly which seems to take forever to diminish despite my weight loss (maybe I need to look up the best fat burning supplements? Or maybe I just need to be religiously doing crunches?)

My son is a ring bearer, too! His dad will be in charge of him, making sure that he takes care of the wedding rings. It's his third time to be a bearer (second time as ring bearer) and I truly hope he does it perfectly this time. The first time he was led (more accurately, pushed) by his dad towards the altar, the second time, he walked alone but made a U turn when he was almost at the altar. LOL

Family weddings are always very happy events. While I would wish that the flooding didn't occur to my in-laws' house just a few months ago, I am glad that there's a happy occasion to liven up the family once again!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Savoring My Little One

While gazing at my sleeping baby, I realized how precious this time is. She won't stay as clingy to mommy as she is now. She would grow up, find her own interests and friends and explore the world on her own...and I have to let her. My little boy is slowly growing up, and while he still prefers his daddy and mommy over other people, I know it probably won't be long until peers would come first. Sigh...

I enjoyed both my pregnancies, despite all the difficulties of "all day" (not only morning) sickness and the eventual need for hemorrhoid creams. I actually felt the prettiest when I was pregnant. I was also pampered -- by both family and strangers.

Would I mind having another kid? I won't! In fact, I'd love it. Although I really do not know if our finances will allow it. We're leaving it up to the Lord. If He decides that we could and we should, we'll have another. If He decides that we shouldn't, I guess 2 babies is enough for us.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Got A New Dress!

While I'm happy that both my kids will be part of my brother-in-law's entourage, I quickly realize that my 6 month old daughter may not sit still in her stroller and that there's a big chance that I might have to carry her. Which brings me to a dress hunt. I need a dress that's formal of course, since I'll be walking down that aisle too, carrying the flower girl :), in a color that contrasts with my daughter's dress, has hidden flaps and openings to help me nurse my purely breastfed baby and hide the tummy that need constant exercise and/or the best diet pills.

I've found THE dress and I'm excited about it!

No pics yet. I want it to be a surprise. :P

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mother of the Flower Girl...and the Ring Bearer

My brother-in-law is getting married on Saturday!

I love, love, love weddings because it's all so positive! Every newlywed exudes so much happiness and hope, and of course, love.

I'm especially excited about my kids' participation as members of the bridal entourage. My four year old son will be the ring bearer while my almost-seven-month-old daughter will be flower girl.

I've had a dress custom made for the occasion. Since I'm nursing and my daughter absolutely refuses the bottle whenever I'm within hearing and smelling distance, I've decided that a nursing dress (a dress with hidden openings/flaps to accommodate nursing) would be the way to go. I had one custom made as I wanted a dress formal enough. Of course, I have prepared myself to carry my daughter during her "march". I found matching shoes with 2 inch heels which seemed formal enough yet not too high (no 3 inch stilettos for me, not even if it were Christian Louboutin) and comfortable enough for me to wear and not worry about falling flat on my face.

My son had become a bearer twice before, the first time when he was barely three and the second time when he was around three already. He walked alone the second time (although he turned around at the last minute, LOL) so I'm sure he could handle the "march". His daddy will guide him. I'm sure the little boy will look very nice in his barong. :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Long Hair -- Respect for Parents?

Have you watched Chinese movies? I mean period movies during the long long era when China's government was a succession of dynasties?

Hair for both men and women were long. The old Chinese have this belief that you do not have the right to cut your hair since it's a part of your body and it's something your parents gave you. To cut it off would mean that you were disrespecting your parents. (Well, at least that's what my Chinese teachers used to say -- and I believe them.) Nowadays, I wouldn't go to that extent since extra long hair is so difficult to maintain and would look dull without proper maintenance and vitamins for hair. I am now sporting a bob which is perfect for my current lifestyle.

Anyway, this extreme respect for the body is in contrast what what a lot of people do to their bodies. But then it's different strokes for different folks, but things like piercings, tattooing etc. would probably not be tolerated by our elders at all.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Dream House Is Still A Dream

We've made no secret of the fact that our goal is to someday have our own place to live, especially since our kids are gradually getting bigger. One room for the use of our small family is simply not enough.

Since my husband's family owns several properties which were supposed to be shared by my husband and his siblings, our options before are to (1) eventually live in my mother-in-law's house (2) have a house (even one of those prefabricated metal buildings) built on an empty lot, or (3) buy our own place elsewhere.

Ondoy has severely limited our options. While having our own house on our own lot is certainly the most attractive option, Marikina being under water has is not something that we will forget in a long, long while. If ever we do decide on settling in Marikina, we do need to build a taller house than what we have now, and have emergency precautions in case of severe flooding. We also have to be prepared for a lot of property damages.

Getting a condo or a townhouse elsewhere is also another option. If we do get the money to buy one, we' d want one nearer our work and our kids' schools. Now how to save up for it is another matter entirely.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

A New Decade!

The New Year's celebration has come and gone. It is 2010, and while officially, it is still not the new decade, I'd like to think that it is. Well, it IS a new year, and a new year generally symbolizes new beginnings, and hopefully, better things ahead.

For this decade, I'd like to think that we'd be able to target new heights as a family. This is the decade that our kids will eventually be going to big school, starting to learn, starting on their road to becoming literate, independent people who would learn to take care of themselves.

This is the decade that we hope to able to earn enough to get our own place. At least we hope so. If there's one thing good about Ondoy, it's the fact that it has identified which areas we DON'T want to build our future home on.

This is the decade that our practice as doctors should reach its peak. I will gradually be going full time (I'm only doing a part time practice right now) as my kids become more and more independent, especially when they go to school.

This is the decade that we will start saving for our retirement, aside from ensuring our kids' future via education.

This is the decade that our family will take more vacations and family outings. My husband and I want to bond with our kids and enjoy more things as a family, before they have "worlds" of their own. We plan to save up for vacations, whether it be a trip which can be reached by land, or a camping trip with a tent and or RV (complete with (rv insurance), a beach trip in Boracay or Palawan, Disneyland. Wherever it is and whatever we do, as long as we are together and enjoying each other's company, we're good.

May 2010 be a better year for you, and may you also find the coming decade to be a better one for you and yours!