Friday, January 22, 2010

Allergies In The Family

My mother has been having a dry type of cough for years already. She was told that she had an allergic type of cough, for which she takes medications to control it. The thing is, the medications are there to minimize symptoms, but it's best if we could look for the trigger. I wonder if it's the pollution that we have, or something else in the environment? I think it's something in the Manila air, because, curiously enough, her symptoms seem to improve when she goes out of the country! Maybe the allergen is found here? I'm not sure if she will benefit from allergy beddings but maybe she should also give it a try.

My little boy also seemed to suffer from bouts of cough even when he did not have colds. His pediatrician reminded us that he used to have cow's milk allergy, so it's very possible that his immune system is hyperactive, meaning he may also have some sort of allergy. I'm trying something out, though, and it seems to be working for him. Keeping my fingers crossed.

For my baby girl, I'm entertaining the thought. I saw scratch marks on her face a few times from her vigorous scratching (we've cut her nails already, mind you) so we think she might be having some itch. I hope it's just temporary. We just changed the beddings. I'm switching to a hypoallergenic soap tomorrow. We hope it works for her.