Saturday, January 16, 2010

Baby Flower Girl Today

Today is my daughter's debut in being a flower girl! The inner stagemom in me really wanted her to be one (before everybody in the family gets married and she won't get a chance, haha) but since she's less than seven months old, I really would have understood if it was not to be.

Fortunately for me, my brother-in-law and his fiancee decided to officially make her a flower girl! Her name is on the invitation! Oh, the small joys.

Because she is not walking yet, it's kinda obvious that I'd have to push her in her stroller or carry her down the aisle. Which means that I have to have a new dress. As I wrote down in my previous post, I needed a dress that looks formal, has openings for nursing and would hide my post pregnancy belly which seems to take forever to diminish despite my weight loss (maybe I need to look up the best fat burning supplements? Or maybe I just need to be religiously doing crunches?)

My son is a ring bearer, too! His dad will be in charge of him, making sure that he takes care of the wedding rings. It's his third time to be a bearer (second time as ring bearer) and I truly hope he does it perfectly this time. The first time he was led (more accurately, pushed) by his dad towards the altar, the second time, he walked alone but made a U turn when he was almost at the altar. LOL

Family weddings are always very happy events. While I would wish that the flooding didn't occur to my in-laws' house just a few months ago, I am glad that there's a happy occasion to liven up the family once again!