Monday, January 4, 2010

Dream House Is Still A Dream

We've made no secret of the fact that our goal is to someday have our own place to live, especially since our kids are gradually getting bigger. One room for the use of our small family is simply not enough.

Since my husband's family owns several properties which were supposed to be shared by my husband and his siblings, our options before are to (1) eventually live in my mother-in-law's house (2) have a house (even one of those prefabricated metal buildings) built on an empty lot, or (3) buy our own place elsewhere.

Ondoy has severely limited our options. While having our own house on our own lot is certainly the most attractive option, Marikina being under water has is not something that we will forget in a long, long while. If ever we do decide on settling in Marikina, we do need to build a taller house than what we have now, and have emergency precautions in case of severe flooding. We also have to be prepared for a lot of property damages.

Getting a condo or a townhouse elsewhere is also another option. If we do get the money to buy one, we' d want one nearer our work and our kids' schools. Now how to save up for it is another matter entirely.