Sunday, January 31, 2010

Until They Conk Out!

I am not a person who switches to a something new just because it's there. I usually use something until it no longer works or it's obsolete, whichever comes first.

Case in point are my cellphones. Just to give you an idea, the oldest video and photo stored in the micro sd card of my cellular phone (aside from the sample ones built in, of course) are my son's video and pictures, the oldest of which was when he was about 5 months old. He's now more than 4 years old! And that's just my "newer" cellular phone. I have an older one which I still use up to now. I do not even know if batteries and other accessories are still available for that one, but since it's still running and working, I'm still using it.

I'm still pretty happy with them, though. They serve my purposes beautifully. I don't find the need for more apps anyway. And I'm too lazy to keep on moving my phonebook and other files. But if they do become obsolete or conk out, I'll get a newer model to try to keep up.